Implementing Phase: Applying an Indigenous-Led Fire Prescription

It is essential to seek expert guidance, hands-on teaching and supervision with ethical and recognized Elders, Indigenous fire practitioners and non-Indigenous settler and state-led fire management subject matter experts and allies when applying Indigenous-led fire practices and settler and state-led fire management on the land.

Fire can be dangerous when it is used in a wrong way.

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Checklist: Applying an Indigenous-Led Fire Prescription 

Confirm that you completed the following activities when applying your Indigenous-led fire prescription on a specific site:

checkboxIdentify state of readiness to apply Indigenous-led fire prescription on a specific site.

checkboxFinalize your Indigenous-led fire prescription document.

checkboxBuild leadership and support in your group or community.

checkboxEnsure that you are working with Indigenous Fire Knowledge Carriers who have experience and knowledge with fire in your territory.

checkboxBuild partnerships for implementing the Indigenous-led fire prescription.

checkboxSecure funding to implement the Indigenous-led fire prescription.

checkboxBe ready for your “window of opportunity” to apply fire to a specific site or multiple sites. Think of seasonality and climate change’s growing impact.

checkboxEnsure that effective Indigenous-led fire prescription implementation tools and resources are in place.

checkboxImplement the Indigenous-led fire prescription on a site or multiple sites.

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