An Indigenous-led fire prescription is a way of transforming fire reconciliation into action.

An Indigenous-led fire prescription describes the purpose, aspirations and process for how your group or community wants to use fire on the land.

An Indigenous-led fire prescription may include information on community protection, ecosystem stewardship, habitat restoration, climate change adaptation planning and regenerative land management.

For the initial stages of Indigenous-led fire prescription planning, it is important for groups or communities to develop a set of holistic values, goals and management objectives that provide a clear direction for Indigenous-led uses of fire on the land.

There are many complexities in developing a set of holistic values, goals and management objectives, as they envision aspirational Indigenous-led uses of fire on the land in territories and area(s) of interest for current and future generations.

Determining the scope and scale of the Indigenous-led fire prescription includes recognizing and protecting Aboriginal title, inherent rights, interests and holistic values across a community’s whole territory and area(s) of interest.

As part of developing an Indigenous-led fire prescription, issues such as work planning, budgeting, managing timelines and establishing the scope and scale for the Indigenous-led fire prescription become indicators for successful completion.

We share wise practices in the We Are Fire Toolkit for you to consult when applying an Indigenous-led fire prescription. These wise practices are shared in the form of activities and resources such as checklists to support groups and communities in their journey of Indigenous-led uses of fire on the land, particularly in and around the Saskatchewan River Delta

Your Indigenous-led fire prescription benefits from monitoring and evaluating right from the beginning. Governance systems are reviewed and either developed or revised to support continuous improvement and decision-making in Indigenous-led uses of fire on the land.

In the spirit of cultural revitalization and resurgence, celebrating the implementation of an Indigenous-led fire prescription is equally important to all other activities.