What is The We Are Fire Toolkit ?

The We Are Fire Toolkit is an online knowledge product guided by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action.

A starting point for Indigenous-led and informed resources, wise practices and lessons learned, the Toolkit focuses on

  • using fire on the land
  • knowing the land
  • understanding the politics of fire

The We Are Fire Toolkit is intended to begin the journey toward returning, continuing, expanding or supporting fire on the land,[1] particularly though not exclusively in the Saskatchewan River Delta (Saskatchewan, Canada).

Using fire on the land supports community protection, ecosystem stewardship, habitat restoration, climate change adaptation planning and management.

The We Are Fire Toolkit serves as a framework for fire reconciliation.

Here are infographics (in both English and Cree – Swampy Cree dialect) that the Muskrats to Moose Project team co-developed.

They are an artistic snapshot of the key themes of applying Indigenous-led fire practices and settler and state-led fire management in the Saskatchewan River Delta.

[1] We recognize that readers of the We are Fire Toolkit are all at different stages of returning, continuing, expanding or supporting fire on the land. However, to be brief in our comments, we will refer to “the journey of Indigenous-led uses of fire on the land” with these words understood to include all of these above elements.