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When you look inside a muskrat house, it used to look healthy and clean. It looked alive. We understand that if we treat the land properly, it will treat us properly. Trappers believe there is cleaning with fire. 

ka pīci itāpīyan wacasko-wīsti, ki-mināsin mīna e-pāykak. kīy-pimātisimākan. kikīnisitotēnōw kispin ki mino pamītanōw askīy, kika mino pamīkonōw kīstānow. owanikēwāk tapwētamāk iskotēw ē-ōci pamīcīkwēcik.
Listen to Cree

 -John Carriere (Cree)

The Saskatchewan River Delta is part of the living history of Canada and is a significant water source locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Human factors and climate change impact the Saskatchewan River Delta and threaten the future existence of the rich and diverse habitats, ecosystems, flora and fauna in this prized area.

Governance in the form of leadership, policies and practices that recognize holistic values in and around the Saskatchewan River Delta are important considerations to sustain and protect the Delta.

2022: Braiding Indigenous fire practices and Western fire management in the Saskatchewan River Delta.